The Monster! Friend or Foe?

3 Responses to “The Monster! Friend or Foe?”


  1. CuriousJ says:

    So true. I know that my TV is both my friend and enemy! Gotta let it go… Thanks for the ‘push’.

  2. Kenneth B C says:

    Hi Coach Bay, very inspirational stuff and thanks for sharing. What if you have more than one monster? Do you take the 30 day challenge on all or tackle them one by one. Is it the objective to lock away all monsters or would it not be human to keep one monster around… Keep it coming.

  3. Coach Bay says:

    Kenneth, thanks for your comments. To answer your question – you take one monster at a time. If it is a really big one, it might take more than 30 days but the key is to only do one at a time. Absolutely critical. Many people fail because they ‘try’ to do to many things at the same time. People seem to overestimate what they can do in one month but underestimate what they can accomplish in one year!

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