Promises, Promises…

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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Thank you, Coach Bay, for writing and sharing with us this article about “promises”. Yes, indeed, people are making more promises yet finding it hard to keep them these days. Personally, I would rather have people not making any promises (at all) but then doing the best they can and bringing “surprises” to those around them. In other words, there are those who say very little but do a lot to exceed what their abilities can take them to. Sometimes I find it hard to believe in those who are easy and fast to make promises. I would rather respect more and believe in those who say very little yet, with a determined look in their eyes, strive to do whatever it takes to bring the best out of themselves and others.

  2. Coach Bay says:

    Thank you Jacquelyn. I agree with your view. There is a good ‘marketing’ advice that suggests companies should ‘under promise and over deliver’ rather than making all these promises and only delivering on half. This principle works for people too! And as you know, we like to be pleasantly surprised and WOW’ed!

  3. Rich Proctor says:

    I could not agree more. It seems to me that personal responsibility and following through on our commitments has gone out of style.

    What occurred to me as I read through your article is how easy it is to stand out in this kind of environment. Sadly, one can really set themselves apart from the pack by simply doing what they say they are going to do.

    It’s never been easier to be a stand-out.

    Thanks for a great thought provoking article.
    Rich Proctor´s last blog ..Thank You Is Not Enough

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